Adding your phone number to your listing is simple!  A phone number is useful for you to track the inquiries to your listing, and for guests to reach you for any questions. Once you add and verify your phone number:

  • The number will be visible for your guests so they can contact you directly (this is only if you decide to have a public listing)

  • You will get SMS notifications for every inquiry to your listings.

How to add a phone number to your listings:

  • Click on Host > Listings at the top of the page and open your listing 

  • You will see all your listings.  Click on the button Edit  for the listing where you want to add a phone number. 

  • Once you access you will see the 'Publish Listing' menu on the right side of your screen, click on Listing Settings   .

  • This is what you will see, so simply type your number and click Verify

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