A featured listing is a published listing which is shown on our homepage, www.hichee.com. In other words, featured listings are the window of HiChee. 

The purpose of having a featured list on the homepage is to show the quality of HiChee and give the guests the option of a quick view before they start searching. 

The featured listings are changing randomly, and each listing which meets our quality threshold will be presented equally on our homepage. Our quality threshold is a Listing Score of 80. A listing needs;

  • To be published and online

  • To be in the USA

  • To have a price

  • To have a high-quality cover photo

  • To have an 80 or above listing score

In order to be a featured listing. 

Having a high listing score is also important because the listings shown in the search are sorted from higher to lower listing score. 

You may check your listing score on your listings page. ( Navigating through the menu Host>Listings). 

Please review this article to learn more about the listings score.

How to check my listing's score

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